Flowers, PSP, and The Sun

I'm back!

I'm back to my normal self- pink lady. Hahaha. Currently addicted to having flowers on my desk. And coincidentally, I started sneezing and having blocked nose since a couple of weeks ago. Not very sure if I am really allergic to pollens. If really, I would be so sad coz aren't flowers nice and pretty? Furthermore Terence and I have a plan to go to Cameron Highland after his exam. Haiz. But then it cannot be The Sun because I have him for 5 years and I have never sneezed because of him, not even once!

Allergy aside, I have started my new position and yeah like I said below, my new boss rocks big time. We can talk about anything under The Sun, no no, the sun. Latest topic chatted- He wanted to get a Wii but was also contemplating between that one and PSP. Of course I psycho him to get a Wii instead.

Speaking of PSP- I lent to someone and 3 months later the person returned with a "as-perfect-as-before" condition. Totally crap. Full of scratches in fact. I nearly cried. Terence asked me to scold the person, but since I do not wish to even look at the person so that's ok. I will just remember not to lend anything to any guy anymore. Well, except E, E, and Y, maybe.

Okie, just drop by to leave a message. More posts on Phuket trip, cats, cats, and more cats are coming up.

//Currently addicted to- Sunflower, Sunshy, Sunnite, Sunday, and of course, Sundae!

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