What can you do?

Been nua-ing at home with Sundae for the past few weekends. Other than watching movies on Saturday nights, I practically did nothing. Really. Sleeping. Sleeping. and Sleeping.

On another note, Ok finally today I continue the Brisingr. (Do you know how to pronounce? I don't...) It is the 3rd book in Eragon series. (Just found out that the book does not end at the 3rd one! OMG it is already quite thick and **spoiler warning** Eragon still has not fought King Galbatorix! Haiz.... But that is ok, I will wait for the 4th one then. Like I have any choice. Bleah.) It is more interesting than Harry Potter I feel, Eragon is so much matured than Harry, not quite a quick-tempered guy.

See? The book covers are super nice! Too bad I had the Eragon in the movie's cover. Yukes. I never like books that changed covers after it's being made into a movie.

Anyhow I should be going to finish up the book now. So long (pun intended).

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