Is my choice of friends your problem?

What is wrong with people these days? I somehow think Singaporeans are still narrow minded, which is totally different from where I am from. People with the same gender holding hands and no one will give a second look or a once over. Of course this applies to girls, not for guys (yukes). I always hold hand with my very good friends. And I don't see it a problem at all.

Does my choice of friends make you unable to past motion?

You don't owe me a living, so I am not going to care.

That aside, finally I am going home after 6 months of not flying or getting out Singapore at all. I hope to shop a lot. Yes, this time round we are having 2 helpers to carry our shopping bags. Hehee. Guess how much I have paid for the air ticket?

Less than 100 bucks, per person, to and fro. How cheap, right?! Thanks to AirAsia. I have been flying this airline ever since it started. If I don't remember wrongly, that should be some time in 2004 or 2005. No frill airline, but who need those frills? It is only 2.5 hours flight, I can barely sleep, let alone eat.

I love AirAsia. (too bad TAA stakes' belong to TS. Hmmm)

Oh, and I must find out, why does it take forever (literally forever) to sync my iphone to itunes on my laptop?


Bags problem

Yes I am at times materialistic. But I cannot make myself admit *with smiley face* to other people that I am willing to pay >$100 for a cardholder, which apparently can only hold at most 1 or 2 cards, to use to put an EZ Link card. Come on, I know we all girls are vain, but we don't need that kind of expensive (EZ link) cardholder right? If you are that rich to spare that amount of money and take bus/train, so be it then. I find it is very silly to make the kind of comment. So what, who care if you use Coach cardholder? You are still taking a public transport, living in HDB, or even working, to begin with. Do you think it is appropriate to indulge so much? **I like LV but I cannot afford, so I have to use Coach instead** It's no wonder Terence doesn't want me to buy a Coach. I think the brand is for people who want to LOOK rich, but actually NOT rich.

Coach is a medium to high range price in the US but in Singapore it's not. Singapore government is smart to charge very high taxes on those "unnessary" luxuries. They know people NEED to save their faces to use expensive gadgets/items to look outstanding among their peers. Like Terence said, when you use an LV bag, you let the bag tell story about you to other people. You suddenly become a very sophisticated person once the bag touches you. OMG.

My colleague said that when she saw my Guess bag, it reminded her of her niece, who also carried a Guess bag to school. Imagine when she is my age next time (7 more years -- OUCH!) what would she be carrying? And excuse me, who was the one buying those bags for her? Her mom. Like what, they can print notes? If you use normal no-brand bag then you will suffocate to death? Ridiculous I tell you. Anyway it is not that I don't "want" all these, but I know I don't "need" them. But who knows, in the future I might just go into any random branded boutique, grab any eye-catching bag, and pay by NETS. LMAO.

Just now I was talking about being rich. What kind of rich? Money? Friends? Love? Yadda yadda you can go on and on. But my point is that it is freaking out of mind to use expensive stuffs but still live in poverty. Hah.

Beat me.

P/S: This post will be very much irrelevant to those whose boyfriends/husbands are rich, and willing to pay for your everything. I congratulate you for having found such a nice guy. And I hope you use his money to go beautify yourself so that he will not stray to other younger/pretter/less money hunger woman.



Someone said she felt bad about my transfer.

Totally utterly ridiculously crap.

Can't say that in front of me? Don't bother about it then.


test ... why can't I seem to type anywherelse but at e topic??

Oh now I know how to!! Excellent!!

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Your colleague drove. You asked him to pick you up in the morning as your house is along his way to go to office. He asked you to wait for him at 7.00 am. You didn't reach the designated place until 7.15 am and he kicked a fuss afterwards. You were also angry that your colleague was angry because he had to wait for you.

Who do you think has a right to get angry?

Of course that would be your colleague, you cannot get angry I must say. You asked for his favor to pick you up so that you don't need to squeeze with people on the bus or train. He only needed you to be by the road side by 7 am, is it very difficult to do so? After all you asked for his favor, it's not like he is your servant and has to only wait for you. You don't like to wait so you make him wait, do you? If I were you colleague I would just drive past, and if I didn't see you then it's too bad.

Even taxi drivers don't wait for passengers by the roadside. You say, yes they wait! They wait at the taxi stand. If that's the case, I'll politely tell you to go get a taxi at the taxi stand on your own. Your colleague is not a taxi driver. Hah!

P/S: Things will be different if that colleague of yours become your boyfriend.


Suspect X

Is it only me who thinks Suspect X is a romantic movie?

It is about a clash (well, not literally) between a Physics genius (aka Detective Galileo or Dr. Yukawa) and a Math high school teacher (whom the Detective regards also as a Math genius). I will not mention anything about the movie as I would encourage people to go and watch.

Favorite quotes from the movie (not verbatim):-

- Yukawa: What are you doing?
Ishikawa: Solving the four color theorem.
Yukawa: But I thought it has already been solved?
Ishikawa: Yes, but it was not so beautiful.

- It is a function problem but disguised in a form of geometry problem. You need to look at another angle to have an idea of how to solve it.

- Would you prefer to create the perfect, unsolvable puzzle, or to be the one who can solve the unsolvable puzzle?

- Ishikawa made a mistake he should not have made. If he has ever falled in love before, he would never love someone so deeply. (by Dr. Yukawa)

**spoiler - nevertheless :P **

In all, the movie only focused on how Yukawa solved the case. But I looked at it this way: Ishikawa was about to commit suicide when Hanaoka and her daughter came into his life. He was grateful of bright and cheerful personality that he decided to help her when she faced the "problem". It was really touching towards the end of the show, when Ishikawa was going to be moved to detention center, and Hanaoka came look for him. When he cried, my tears dropped. (At this point of time the whole cinema was like asshole to me, they all laughed!) It was really very touching that I kept weeping towards the end of the show.

By the way, can cats hatch an egg? Sundae has been sleeping on my pillow for a few hours, and the place he sleeps is now really very warm. I am wondering....


What can you do?

Been nua-ing at home with Sundae for the past few weekends. Other than watching movies on Saturday nights, I practically did nothing. Really. Sleeping. Sleeping. and Sleeping.

On another note, Ok finally today I continue the Brisingr. (Do you know how to pronounce? I don't...) It is the 3rd book in Eragon series. (Just found out that the book does not end at the 3rd one! OMG it is already quite thick and **spoiler warning** Eragon still has not fought King Galbatorix! Haiz.... But that is ok, I will wait for the 4th one then. Like I have any choice. Bleah.) It is more interesting than Harry Potter I feel, Eragon is so much matured than Harry, not quite a quick-tempered guy.

See? The book covers are super nice! Too bad I had the Eragon in the movie's cover. Yukes. I never like books that changed covers after it's being made into a movie.

Anyhow I should be going to finish up the book now. So long (pun intended).


Flowers, PSP, and The Sun

I'm back!

I'm back to my normal self- pink lady. Hahaha. Currently addicted to having flowers on my desk. And coincidentally, I started sneezing and having blocked nose since a couple of weeks ago. Not very sure if I am really allergic to pollens. If really, I would be so sad coz aren't flowers nice and pretty? Furthermore Terence and I have a plan to go to Cameron Highland after his exam. Haiz. But then it cannot be The Sun because I have him for 5 years and I have never sneezed because of him, not even once!

Allergy aside, I have started my new position and yeah like I said below, my new boss rocks big time. We can talk about anything under The Sun, no no, the sun. Latest topic chatted- He wanted to get a Wii but was also contemplating between that one and PSP. Of course I psycho him to get a Wii instead.

Speaking of PSP- I lent to someone and 3 months later the person returned with a "as-perfect-as-before" condition. Totally crap. Full of scratches in fact. I nearly cried. Terence asked me to scold the person, but since I do not wish to even look at the person so that's ok. I will just remember not to lend anything to any guy anymore. Well, except E, E, and Y, maybe.

Okie, just drop by to leave a message. More posts on Phuket trip, cats, cats, and more cats are coming up.

//Currently addicted to- Sunflower, Sunshy, Sunnite, Sunday, and of course, Sundae!

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