Bags problem

Yes I am at times materialistic. But I cannot make myself admit *with smiley face* to other people that I am willing to pay >$100 for a cardholder, which apparently can only hold at most 1 or 2 cards, to use to put an EZ Link card. Come on, I know we all girls are vain, but we don't need that kind of expensive (EZ link) cardholder right? If you are that rich to spare that amount of money and take bus/train, so be it then. I find it is very silly to make the kind of comment. So what, who care if you use Coach cardholder? You are still taking a public transport, living in HDB, or even working, to begin with. Do you think it is appropriate to indulge so much? **I like LV but I cannot afford, so I have to use Coach instead** It's no wonder Terence doesn't want me to buy a Coach. I think the brand is for people who want to LOOK rich, but actually NOT rich.

Coach is a medium to high range price in the US but in Singapore it's not. Singapore government is smart to charge very high taxes on those "unnessary" luxuries. They know people NEED to save their faces to use expensive gadgets/items to look outstanding among their peers. Like Terence said, when you use an LV bag, you let the bag tell story about you to other people. You suddenly become a very sophisticated person once the bag touches you. OMG.

My colleague said that when she saw my Guess bag, it reminded her of her niece, who also carried a Guess bag to school. Imagine when she is my age next time (7 more years -- OUCH!) what would she be carrying? And excuse me, who was the one buying those bags for her? Her mom. Like what, they can print notes? If you use normal no-brand bag then you will suffocate to death? Ridiculous I tell you. Anyway it is not that I don't "want" all these, but I know I don't "need" them. But who knows, in the future I might just go into any random branded boutique, grab any eye-catching bag, and pay by NETS. LMAO.

Just now I was talking about being rich. What kind of rich? Money? Friends? Love? Yadda yadda you can go on and on. But my point is that it is freaking out of mind to use expensive stuffs but still live in poverty. Hah.

Beat me.

P/S: This post will be very much irrelevant to those whose boyfriends/husbands are rich, and willing to pay for your everything. I congratulate you for having found such a nice guy. And I hope you use his money to go beautify yourself so that he will not stray to other younger/pretter/less money hunger woman.

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