Is my choice of friends your problem?

What is wrong with people these days? I somehow think Singaporeans are still narrow minded, which is totally different from where I am from. People with the same gender holding hands and no one will give a second look or a once over. Of course this applies to girls, not for guys (yukes). I always hold hand with my very good friends. And I don't see it a problem at all.

Does my choice of friends make you unable to past motion?

You don't owe me a living, so I am not going to care.

That aside, finally I am going home after 6 months of not flying or getting out Singapore at all. I hope to shop a lot. Yes, this time round we are having 2 helpers to carry our shopping bags. Hehee. Guess how much I have paid for the air ticket?

Less than 100 bucks, per person, to and fro. How cheap, right?! Thanks to AirAsia. I have been flying this airline ever since it started. If I don't remember wrongly, that should be some time in 2004 or 2005. No frill airline, but who need those frills? It is only 2.5 hours flight, I can barely sleep, let alone eat.

I love AirAsia. (too bad TAA stakes' belong to TS. Hmmm)

Oh, and I must find out, why does it take forever (literally forever) to sync my iphone to itunes on my laptop?

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