Your colleague drove. You asked him to pick you up in the morning as your house is along his way to go to office. He asked you to wait for him at 7.00 am. You didn't reach the designated place until 7.15 am and he kicked a fuss afterwards. You were also angry that your colleague was angry because he had to wait for you.

Who do you think has a right to get angry?

Of course that would be your colleague, you cannot get angry I must say. You asked for his favor to pick you up so that you don't need to squeeze with people on the bus or train. He only needed you to be by the road side by 7 am, is it very difficult to do so? After all you asked for his favor, it's not like he is your servant and has to only wait for you. You don't like to wait so you make him wait, do you? If I were you colleague I would just drive past, and if I didn't see you then it's too bad.

Even taxi drivers don't wait for passengers by the roadside. You say, yes they wait! They wait at the taxi stand. If that's the case, I'll politely tell you to go get a taxi at the taxi stand on your own. Your colleague is not a taxi driver. Hah!

P/S: Things will be different if that colleague of yours become your boyfriend.

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