Suspect X

Is it only me who thinks Suspect X is a romantic movie?

It is about a clash (well, not literally) between a Physics genius (aka Detective Galileo or Dr. Yukawa) and a Math high school teacher (whom the Detective regards also as a Math genius). I will not mention anything about the movie as I would encourage people to go and watch.

Favorite quotes from the movie (not verbatim):-

- Yukawa: What are you doing?
Ishikawa: Solving the four color theorem.
Yukawa: But I thought it has already been solved?
Ishikawa: Yes, but it was not so beautiful.

- It is a function problem but disguised in a form of geometry problem. You need to look at another angle to have an idea of how to solve it.

- Would you prefer to create the perfect, unsolvable puzzle, or to be the one who can solve the unsolvable puzzle?

- Ishikawa made a mistake he should not have made. If he has ever falled in love before, he would never love someone so deeply. (by Dr. Yukawa)

**spoiler - nevertheless :P **

In all, the movie only focused on how Yukawa solved the case. But I looked at it this way: Ishikawa was about to commit suicide when Hanaoka and her daughter came into his life. He was grateful of bright and cheerful personality that he decided to help her when she faced the "problem". It was really touching towards the end of the show, when Ishikawa was going to be moved to detention center, and Hanaoka came look for him. When he cried, my tears dropped. (At this point of time the whole cinema was like asshole to me, they all laughed!) It was really very touching that I kept weeping towards the end of the show.

By the way, can cats hatch an egg? Sundae has been sleeping on my pillow for a few hours, and the place he sleeps is now really very warm. I am wondering....

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